About Us

Stance Craft specializes in the art of functional design. We create, manufacture and distribute high quality composite body conversions. Our design team spends countless hours developing and refining wide body and aero kits, while working closely with our in-house manufacturing team to bring our creations to market. We utilize the latest vacuum infusion technology to provide our customers with consistent quality products that fit perfect every time.

Our background has been in the automotive composite manufacturing industry for over 20 years as well as the aftermarket Harley Davidson parts industry. We have been private label manufacturing for various companies and recently launched our own brand – Stance Craft.

Stance Craft’s first conversion package will be a wide body kit for the C7 Corvette. 7” was added to the rear and 4” in the front, giving it the stance we desired. The conversion is highly aggressive, yet aesthetically refined. The body flows from front to rear, emphasizing and enhancing the Corvette’s new body lines. Our design team did not want to take away from the new body style, but instead, enriched and created our vision of the C7.

Stay tuned for new products developing for our 2016 collection. We will be offering light weight carbon fiber components for exotic and European models.